Customer Testimonials: Week of April 12

Customer Testimonials: Week of April 12

Why did you choose Javazen?

"I bought Javazen for auto-ship after purchasing it at my local Wegmans. I am a CHHC and am always on the lookout for products for my clients that are "mainstream" enough to feel comfortable while still introducing things like Yerba Mate and Matcha that are unfamiliar into their daily routines. I personally really enjoy all 3 blends of the coffees and so far my clients have too. As well as drinking them as coffee, I am using the Boost and Balance blends mixed and chilled in a plant based protein shake that is getting rave reviews. The Relax blend is a bit more of an acquired taste for some as the tea notes shine through but I'm working on a couple of iced/ juice blends that seem to be coming together pretty well."

- Marion

"First, I am obsessed with your product and have been telling all of my friends and coworkers how tasty and amazing it is! Can't wait to try the high-test and relax! Also, love that you all are right around the corner in College Park - I grew up in Towson! I bought your product on a whim because I like both matcha and coffee and have never seen the two combined."

- Erin

"I recently your product at my local HEB when I moved to TX in November. This is my fav new beverage!!! You guys rock! Thanks for a great product. Best of wishes in your business endeavors!"

- Sherry

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