Customer Testimonials: Week of April 26

Customer Testimonials: Week of April 26

Why did you choose Javazen?

"I love the idea of having antioxidant-rich matcha in the blend. I also like the cinnamon flavor. Would be very interested in other flavors.

I don’t use a Keurig - just regular automatic drip, so that’s not a factor. But I do like supporting local businesses.

Great product - good luck with it!"

- Stephanie

"I bought it because I tried it and liked it at the Brooklyn Coffee & Tea Festival. I like that it tastes less bitter than coffee and doesn't give me a headache.


- Monique

"Aloha Eric, Well Javazen is the best! I spend half my time on Kauai, where I am from, and my other half traveling and working in the DC area. I spotted your product at puree in Bethesda first, where I just was having in shop coffees. Then I saw the product
offered at my local Wholefoods in Glover Park, that’s when I bought my first three bags, one of each, when one of the founders was there doing samples… (I can’t remember if it was you!!) and now it’s really my morning choice of beverage. Then coming home again, I got my brother hooked. He is a matè drinker that sorely missed coffee. So when we finished the supply we brought home with us in march, which actually was a lot, between the three of us, my brother said "put in a big order". I am going to be sending along some to a girlfriend in Oregon as well.

So that is our Javazen customer story! I just Love that the Balance has the full coffee flavor with none of the usual side-effects of my beloved coffee solo full strength. My background is in Holistic health, so I am full aware of negative coffee affects. Your product helps to “Have my coffee, and drink it too”. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Mahalo nui loa!"

-  Laura 

"Thanks for reaching out... I am just curious about Javazen and wondering about the taste. I read some of the reviews and it sounds great... but I am also a huge coffee lover and so am interested in just testing it first to find out if I like this and will also be able to get some additional benefits. I personally don't have a problem with the "buzz" that some do around caffeine... so that wasn't an issue. I also like the convenience of have something that didn't need to be "brewed"...

Hope this helps!"

- Karen

"I wanted to see and taste your newest way to prepare [coffee]. It sounds nirvanic! Over many years I have searched for a simple, easy way to prepare [coffee] anywhere, without bulky, complex 'stuff' needing electricity! Sure appears you three have done it. 'Bye, bye dreadful, hateful Kcups! And bravissimo to all 3 seekers of perfection!"

- Paul

"Thanks for the email! I purchased it from the local Puree Juice bar and loved it so much I wanted to see how I could purchase it directly from Javazen.

I am recently switching from drinking tea (black tea/matcha green tea) to coffee as the coconut cream I used as a creamer in my black tea is no longer made. Silly reason maybe but I am very particular about my morning caffeine!

So having drank black tea for 20+ years and matcha green tea for many years when I tried your coffee blend I loved the energy it gave me, the taste, the fact that it is so smooth & not bitter, the crema on top of the coffee, the fact that it is organic coffee and last but certainly not least that your company is local. I LOVE supporting local businesses and you have a lifetime customer in me.

Thank you!"

- Shazia

"I first found out about Javazen at Emporiyum a few weeks ago, I bought 3 bags of "Balance" after tasting it and deciding I definitely needed it in my life. My husband and I are black coffee drinkers and are always on the lookout for flavorful options. I ordered the 2 variety packs online this weekend because we are interested in trying the other flavors, and one of the packs is a gift for someone who was intrigued by this new coffee we were raving about :).Thanks for reaching out!"

Thanks for reaching out!"

- Amanda

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