Customer Testimonials: Week of August 30

Customer Testimonials: Week of August 30

Praise for Javazen Brew Bags

"I'm not a coffee drinker so I had my daughter try these. She loved them. She liked how convenient it was to brew coffee in a tea bag. She liked the flavor and she asked me to purchase some for her."

Lori S, Naperville IL

"These were great for those early school mornings. I mean it brewed while I was getting my daughter ready. Throw out the bag, throw in the sugar and creamer and out the door."

Suzanne M, Mansfield PA

"I loved the taste of this coffee. As a mom of multiple children, it's always welcome in my house!"

Melissa F, Salem OR

"I am a huge coffee fan, and I give Javazen Organic Coffee with Matcha and Cacao a thumbs up. I have not yet seen this product in the stores but I will be looking for it. It has a great smooth flavor that I can handle every day."

Paula D, Caribou ME

"Loved this Organic Coffee! It wasn't too strong, it was just right. Seemed to have a light cocoa flavor too. I really enjoyed this coffee!"

Pamela M, Florence AL

"Love how easy these to-go bags are to toss in my purse so I can have great coffee anywhere."

Kristin F, Tualatin OR

"This had an amazing flavor, it was very smooth and not bitter at all. I really loved the convenience of it as well, the brew bag was very easy to use and brewed a perfect cup of coffee. I will definitely be getting more Javazen Organic Coffee Brew Bags!"

Rebecca Y, Leetsdale PA

"Easy, tasty, perfect for a mom like me on the GO! I would buy this and keep it in my work locker. It's nice to have a convenient coffee that doesn't require brewing an entire pot or worrying about a moldy single use brewer! Javazen is perfect!"

Malissa G, Wilmington NC

"This product was just what I needed. It is very convenient for a busy person on the go as myself."

Takeitha L, Norfolk VA

"I don't drink coffee. I let my son drink this and he really like it!"

Nancy J, Decatur IL

"Was not expecting this organic brew bag coffee to taste so good. I will be on the lookout at the store for this."

Shari W, Riverview FL

"Javazen has got themselves a winning concept here, I wish the coffee was a little stronger but the flavor was good and so convenient to take to my job ( we have a microwave yet no coffee maker? ) At any rate this would be an excellent staple to keep on hand at my job or even on road trips."

Jamie C, Rapid City SD

"Clever idea, I would keep these in my desk for sure."

Sara W, Dallas TX

"I am an avid coffee drinker, so I was very pleased to receive a sample of Javazen - Organic Coffee Brew Bags from Daily Goodie Box. It gives you the great taste of Coffee with the ease of brewing tea how convenient is that! I loved it and highly recommend this product."

Anne C, Monroe MI

"Mornings made easier!! Javazen has an amazing line of fabulous tasting coffee! Thanks for perking up my morning routine."

Carrie M, Colorado Springs CO

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