Customer Testimonials: Week of December 14th

Customer Testimonials: Week of December 14th


"I tried your product at my hair salon called Glow in Ashburn, VA. (The massage therapist explained that she saw you guys at a show somewhere and picked it up for the shop) I wanted some tea cause it was freezing, and the receptionist said, Oh! We have a blend! I read the 3 choices and selected the low-caf one cause I had already had my 2 cups of coffee. She served it to me black, and to my absolute shock, I LIKED it black! I have been on a journey of eating whole, clean food for a few years and 2 yrs ago I gave up my International Delights Coffee Creamer. One of the toughest things I had ever done. I switched to whole cream and eventually almond milk lattes in my Vitamix, as I wanted to cut out dairy. I NEVER thought I could drink coffee black!

So I looked for you at Wegmans in Sterling, VA and when I didn't find it I came home to your website. I love your story and your mission. Absolutely great marketing behind it! And I was impressed by your tactic of serving the hack-a-thon. My daughter attended one last year at UNC so I knew the concept. Great idea on your company's part!

I have told at least 5 friends about this new discovery and once I try all the flavors, I'll post it on FB.

Good luck! Thanks,"

- Barbara

"I'm hooked on this...not even a coffee drinker but I liked the health food benefit to it, organic ingredients and love pumpkin spice I tried it...and am in love!!"

- Holly

"Zenfuls: My wife and are always looking for different coffees to try, we lean towards cinnamon and pumpkin spiced coffees for taste and the benefits of cinnamon. we ordered your coffee and we like it a lot just the way it is. We will be ordering more shortly. We both agree that for some reason the blend is gentle on the stomach, also, the grind does not foul the filter and overflow the pot like some cinnamon grinds, or by adding cinnamon to coffee at home."

- Dan and Chris

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