Customer Testimonials: Week of February 1

Customer Testimonials: Week of February 1


"I have tried all the Javazen blends, and this is my favorite! Don't get me wrong, they're all great. The Balance blend just has the best flavor, in my opinion! It's also very fresh coffee, which you don't find in regular retail stores. :)"

- Jenica

"Well, a friend of mine gave me some of the boost coffee to try. She had bought it at the coffee and tea festival in NYC 2016. I tried it in my bullet proof coffee and loved it! It gave me so much energy I was bouncing off the walls! (In a good way) I brew it in my French press then blend it with MCT oil, grass fed butter & protein powder (Orgain brand) as my breakfast before I hit the gym. It's delicious! I am going to the festival this march so I hope to see your booth there!!!"

- Eman M.

"Hi!  Thank you for the samples.  I am anxious to try them.  I heard about this crazy magical drink and I am looking for ways to cut the coffee consumption pain free. Cheers!"

- Kristi

"I purchased because of the following:
1) Organic
2) Best Coffee I have ever had
3) I like the Tea mixtures
It's unusual and simply fabulous!"

- Sandy A

"As you know, I am a retired individual concerned about my health. I believe
that drinking Javazen may be a better alternative for my body at age 69.

I enjoy the taste of my coffee without the jitters."

- Linda L.

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