Customer Testimonials: Week of February 22

Customer Testimonials: Week of February 22

Why did you choose Javazen?

"I believe we met at the Whole Foods Market on Wisconsin Ave, in Georgetown, the day you set up your "demo stand". I tried your 3 flavors and loved the Javazen Boost with the Green tea, cacao nibs and coffee! I purchased a bag from you that day. (If you recall I mentioned I would be using it in my Breville cappuccino machine).

I love the Javazen because it is so gentle and smooth and doesn't have the acid that regular coffee does. The cocoa adds a nice flavor and the green tea provides a smooth balance between the cacao and the coffee beans.

Since I was unable to find the Javazen in a market I ordered 2 packets from you to last me awhile. Thanks for the Prompt Delivery! I am using the grounds in a French Press now as well. I seem to get a stronger cup of coffee than in the espresso/ cappuccino machine, and the water passes through the filter better.

Good luck in all your endeavors!"

- Roseanne

"I found out about Javazen by listening to Is this podcast paleo? I have been a regular coffee drinker and decided I wanted to give it a try and I have been hooked ever since. I can't wait to try any new blends you come up with. My favorite way to drink it right now is the boost with a splash of almond milk, MCT oil, a little raw unfiltered honey, a dash of Saigon cinnamon, and blended up in my Vitamix. Yum!"

- Theresa

"I tried your brand last week at The Common Market in Frederick MD. My family always buy organic whole bean, specifically One Village coffee. We have major brand loyalty to them. However, we immediately fell for the flavor and to boot the health benefits of your product. I also visited your web site and loved the background of your company (U of MD alumni...). Love to support a smaller, more interesting, local company."

- Angela

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