Customer Testimonials: Week of February 8

Customer Testimonials: Week of February 8

Why did you choose Javazen?

"My daughter Allie brought it home. I tried it and loved it.  Wanted to try a sample of the decaf.  I don't normally drink decaf but other members of my family do, and I wanted to try it.  Thank you."

- C.

"So I had a random conversation with Ryan on Instagram and we got to talking and he mentioned Javazen so I went to your website and checked it out. I think that the layout and content on the website are great! Very easy to navigate and super informative.

I also drink way too much coffee and have been wanting to find a substitute so I can cut back on the cups. But I still thoroughly enjoy the taste of coffee, so I'm anxious to try Javazen! The main reason I bought the product though is because of how the conversation went with Ryan. All of you seem like super chill guys and you can definitely tell that a lot of effort has been put into your product. As I told him, the whole time I was reading your story on your website I was thinking "I want this product right now"... I, myself, am passionate about marketing and entrepreneur-ism and when I see products I think could be really great, I gotta try them!

Thanks again and I'm sure you will be hearing a review from me about Javazen soon! Enjoy your day."

- Damian

"I bought Javazen because I have heard great things about it from a friend so I decided to try it. Thank you."

- Emily

"Have been a regular customer of your javazen for brewing at home since there was a tasting last year at my local MOMs grocery store by one of your UMD co-founders.  took some on vacation to Ireland and shared it with our hosts on their dairy farm. Thanks for all!"

- Debie

"Wishing you lots of success with your Javazen product line! I'm excited to receive my sample shipment! I LOVE coffee and love my coffee to be organic....add cacao and superfoods and you had me!"

- Mary

"To be honest, I'm quite addicted to your Javazen Balance. This is definitely not my first pony ride - I've ordered a few bags of this yummy stuff and I'll continue to do so. I usually drink mine in tea bags at the office. We have hot water easily accessible so I drink more than one cup a day, that's for sure! Not a bad product idea to be honest. The perfect blend of caffeine. It doesn't make me feel funny on an empty stomach or give me too much energy like coffee. And green tea without breakfast is also a no-no because it makes me throw up! This is the perfect product. "

- Clarinda

"The coffee was really good I enjoyed the aroma, and yes it is better with French press.. I have tried the Pumpkin Spice yet because I am still enjoying the light-roast matcha green tea..I am so happy for you and the rest of your friends for coming up with this wonderful coffee.. I am sure I will have more orders from my friends and family as well. Can't wait for the New Coffee with a healthy twist Shops you will
be starting ..ha ha .. put Starbucks out of service"

- Karen



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