Customer Testimonials - Week of Jan. 11

Customer Testimonials - Week of Jan. 11


"Thanks for being interested. I heard about Javazen on Is This Podcast Paleo and was very interested because of the fact it would allow me to enjoy coffee without the jitters. I have been struggling with adrenal fatigue, and regular coffee just hits me too hard to handle right now and have been sticking with tea for the most part. I miss coffee and hope this will be a good thing to give me coffee flavor but not overwhelm my system. Blessings and Joy~"

- Nicole B.

"I have had the organic balance before and love it. I also very much like the pumpkin. I had tried the Balance cold brewed and it was pretty good, but I prefer it brewed hot over ice. I got a Ninja Coffee bar for Christmas and it makes a perfect travel cup of iced JAVAZEN! It's little expensive so it is more of a special treat than an everyday coffee. I would love to see you have some larger packaging options which may enable you to offer a slightly lower price per pound. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Especially since my son has discovered my stash of Balance and enjoys it just as much!!"

- Beverly P.

"I wanted to try Javazen because I loooooove coffee, but it doesn’t love me back and I usually end up with stomach pain. So, I thought coffee mixed with tea might do the trick. Thanks!"

- Cheri W.

"The only reason I made the purchase is because Ryan was at Wegmans. It was serendipitous, to say the least, because I would NEVER have purchased Javazen if I hadn't had the chance to try it first. Even as Ryan was explaining the product I was thinking, "Coffee AND tea?!? Yuck!!" Much to my surprise, I absolutely loved Balance. You sold me.

Kudos to you guys for your innovative and delicious product!"

- Sue S. -

"Hello.... I read the front of the bag and saw all my favorites, coffee, matcha & cacao!!! Then fell in love with it, I want it every morning!!! Thank you!! Can't wait to try the other flavors!"

- Dawn

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