Customer Testimonials: Week of January 18

Customer Testimonials: Week of January 18

Why did you choose Javazen?

"Curiosity, I like the idea of a blend between tea and coffee. My daughter keeps telling me of all of the health benefits of tea and I should try it, plus drink less coffee. I drink coffee before my morning run and then after my run while I'm getting ready for work. I'm a strong, dark coffee drinker, and I pound down a pot of coffee before 8am. I've never really had the jitters or coffee crash, so I'm curious on this combination, and I love the back story, students at U of M, three friends, striking balance and believe they have the solutions to rock the coffee world. Thus, free sample, door-to-door delivery, mixed with curiosity, how could I say no?"

- Tony W.

"Thank you for your interest. My wife and I are both 63 and desiring to be more health conscious this year. Sharon, my wife, went to a Holistic Practitioner and when I was on her website, there was a link to your website. I looked at the website and thought it was interesting, especially the low caffeine product since this is one of our concerns. Your website was easy to navigate and I made the decision to try your products.

My daughter works for Starbucks, so there may be some hard feelings :) from her.

I look forward to trying your product and will let you know if we enjoy it."

- John W.

"Perfect timing on your email as I am currently drinking a cup of your Balance Blend (French Press method).

I have been trying for the 'calm but awake' zen state for around two decades. I get way too irritable with straight espresso. I've tried matcha, massive doses of it, green tea, black tea high in l-theanine, l-theanine supplements. I even 'invented' a drink 20 years ago that I call a 'Tea-fee'. Tea, brewed in a cup of coffee. You got all the combinations I have been looking for.

During my never-ending quest, I came across your Javazen at Wegmans two days ago.

My wife and I very much enjoyed a cup of your Javazen this morning. I read your blog entries and I agree. I would always have to put 4-6 sweet and lows into a cup of coffee. Not so with your blend. Straight with no additional sweetener, natural or artificial is perfect for me.

Thank you for making your creation.

I look forward to your drinks in the future."

-Carl J.

I'm looking at Javazen to satisfy my search for the ultimate 'afternoon cup', currently occupied by yet another cup of coffee which is accompanied by the devil on my shoulder saying that I should be having tea to take advantage of it's amazing health benefits.

- Maro

"I wanted to try out the sampler pack because I love tea and wanted to know what coffee and tea together would taste like. I'm also a current UMD student and wanted to support fellow terps! I'm excited to try out your stuff and hopefully purchase a full size of Javazen!"

-Caitlin L.

"I first tried the rooibos blend at SF Green Fest in 2015, but recently tried the Balance blend in a Vegan Cuts coffee box and loved the flavor. It's the perfect smooth taste my husband and I have been looking for. We were also looking for something we could use in a french press or tea diffuser equally well, and think this will work."

-Sarah S.

"Thank you for following up. The Relax met my needs the most. Balance was good, but I had some heart racing issues that day. I can't really tell you if it was related to the Javazen or not. I didn't drink the Energize because I thought it would probably be too much for me."

-Nicole B.


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