Customer Testimonials - Week of Jan. 3

Customer Testimonials - Week of Jan. 3


“I heard you on Is This Podcast Paleo and your product seemed interesting and I finally remembered to actually place an order”

- Corey

“I don't always eat as well as I should... with enough fruits and vegetables. I know that nothing really replaces all those nutrients... but I like the idea of incorporating more nutrient value in ways such as my morning coffee, or afternoon tea.
I first bought your coffee at a Homegoods store. I enjoyed both the regular and the lo-caf versions... and was happy to see the buy 2 get one free offer.”

- Gail

“To be honest, I was sent the link from a friend who told me there was free coffee and those are my two favorite things put together for one superamazing favoritest thing! Then I started reading your product descriptions... Your blends truly seem to incorporate all the things I’ve ever wished for in a warm cup of soul-quenching coffee. Of course, I am most excited to try the extra boost of energy, but the other two blends intrigue me as well. I can't wait to try these out!

Thanks for existing!”

- Katey

“Your coffee is amazing and was a huge favorite for holiday sipping. I think I am hooked!”

- Sharon

“Thank you for reaching out. I was actually told about your product from a friend; we are both in the process of completing nutrition programs. I am trying to learn about new products to incorporate into my daily regime that are whole, organic, healthy, and natural. I am excited to try!!

- Phylicia

“My daughter lives in a more metropolitan area than I and purchased your product in a retail store. She and her fiancée love it and recommended it to me. I am trying to reduce the caffeine in my diet and am looking forward to trying Balance.”

- Maxine

“Great question! I spotted it at Wegmans. Balance looked like the perfect product for me as it combines some of my favorite things and helps balance coffee's effects.

I also thought right away that it would be a great fit for the followers of my happy, healthy and hot blog and Instagram account.

I fell in love with Javazen immediately. I have already set up an affiliate account. As I write this email I am working on a blog post that will be published as early as tomorrow where I review Javazen and share my affiliate links. And I just bought my first bag on Sunday!”

- Elizabeth

“I heard about Javazen on Is the Podcast Paleo? and thought I’d give it a try. I love coffee, but coffee doesn’t tend to love me. Unless I have lots of milk with very little coffee and have something to eat with it, it makes me feel very jittery, almost like I’m vibrating inside, and it doesn’t make me feel more awake. Even decaf does this to me — I’m weird, I know. When I heard you talking about how you make Javazen with tea to balance out the punch that regular coffee has, I figured I’d give it a try. The worst that could happen is that I’d drive my family crazy for a few hours while the caffeine-induced insanity wore off, then never drink it again.

I just tried the Boost this morning and I have to say, so far, so good. It banished the groggy, sleepy feeling I woke up with this morning, and I’m not feeling too terribly jittery. There’s a slight vibration, but nothing like what regular coffee will do to me. I also enjoyed the flavor of it without any added sugar or milk, which is a first for me.

And, I love the brew bags! I love that I can make a cup of coffee like I’d make a cup of tea — one cup rather than a whole pot so I don’t feel like I’m wasting it.

While I don’t think I’ll ever be a daily coffee drinker, I like how Javazen makes me feel and can definitely see myself using it on those days when I just need a little help to get moving. Thanks for making it!

Also, on a slightly less related note, I love that you have Apple Pay as an option on your website. I don’t use PayPal, but have Apple Pay and love how quick and easy that made the checkout process, so thanks for thinking of us Apple users. :)”

- Catherine

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