Customer Testimonials: Week of March 1

Customer Testimonials: Week of March 1

Why did you choose Javazen?


"[I] got your package & am trying the Balance Blend. I really was impressed with the cacao bean chunks & ate one right out of the bag as I made a pot of this. The flavor was a lil too weird for me (I could tell by tasting it as it brewed ). So I just added some a plain, simple dark roast to the filter basket as it brewed & it turned out quite nicely. I must thank you so much for your courteous, professional & generous dealings. I appreciate it and will spread the word about your product. I'm so impressed with your service and conscientiousness.

Thanks again & namaste!"

- Mary

"I wanted my Aunt to taste real coffee and she is enjoying it!"

- Gail

"Training to hike the Grand Canyon, which will be five days of at least 10 miles each day. I'm a heavy coffee drinker and I bought javazen for more caffeine by volume and to see if the extra caffeinated coffee prevents me from needing to take other energy supplements through the day."

- O.


I found Javazen in a google search. Caffeine has been affecting me lately, so I wanted something satisfying to replace it.

I ordered Relax from Amazon and LOVED it so much that I wanted to try everything you offer.

I'll probably gift the super caffeinated variety, but glad to spread the news to others.

Plus, I like your story and the high marks you receive from your customers.

Also, I'm a fellow Terp ('74)!

Thanks for your delicious product,"

- Linda

"We just tried the product this morning. The coffee is amazing."

- Amazon User

"I purchased Javazen because I LOVE coffee. I love the taste and the energy boost, but I don't want my body to have to rely on coffee. I went from having a cup every day to going cold turkey for a while just to make sure I didn't need it. I did fine without it, but still missed my cup of coffee. I heard about Javazen on "Is this Podcast Paleo?" and hearing about the taste and the benefits of Javazen I had to try it. Coffee taste with great benefits... why wouldn't I buy it? So thanks so much for what you're doing and reaching out."

- Micha