Product Spotlight: Javazen Balance

Product Spotlight: Javazen Balance

Good morning all you zen-lovin’ coffee drinkers! We hope your day has been filled with smooth, silky energy like the kind our Javazen Original Blend promises to deliver.

Imagine waking up to brew an intoxicatingly aromatic cup of organic coffee, delicately blended with antioxidant-rich Japanese matcha green tea and mood-boosting organic cacao.

That’s just what you’ll be sipping to set the tone of your day when you choose our Balance blend. It’s perfect for your morning cuppa joe as it combines the traditional coffee bean with a smoother form of energy that comes from both matcha green tea and organic cacao. Then there’s a dash of organic vanilla to uplift your senses along with blood sugar stabilizing organic cinnamon.

The zen-like energy you’ll receive from our original blend is perfect to smoothly sail you through the beginning of your day. Enjoy all the energizing health benefits of organic coffee, organic matcha green tea, AND organic cacao – plus the super-high antioxidant levels found in all three.

Drink this morning zen-blend as is or enjoy it with your favorite creamy addition. (We love organic nut milks with a little drop of your favorite nectar - think local honey or liquid stevia.) Serve it first thing in the morning as you wake up in quiet contemplation or savor a steaming cup with someone you love.

Enjoy Balanced Energy from our Original Blend of liquid zen.

- The Javazen Team

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