Product Spotlight: Javazen Relax

Product Spotlight: Javazen Relax

Good morning all you zen-lovin’ coffee drinkers! Today we’d like you to meet our decaffeinated Javazen blend we endearingly refer to as Relax.

It’s a blissfully aromatic combination of organic decaffeinated coffee, organic rooibos tea, organic goji berries, organic lucuma powder, and organic vanilla powder. For those of you who prefer decaffeinated coffee, this is truly your sweet, soothing zen in a cup - perfect to end your day on a note of nutrient-dense, superfood bliss.

The calming energy you’ll receive from our Relax blend is perfect for sipping as you leave the worries of your day behind.

Drink this restorative zen-blend as is or revel in its blissful taste with your favorite sweet and creamy addition. (We love organic coconut, hemp, or almond milk with a drop of organic agave nectar or liquid stevia.)

Serve it first thing in the morning as the sun rises for a cup of gentle bliss or enjoy this calming blend of liquid zen in the evening as the sun sets. It’s a versatile superfood coffee treat we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

In good health,

- The Javazen Team

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