Javazen Launches Single-Serve “Brew Bags”, Vows to 'Kill the K-Cup'

College Park, MD - The Javazen team officially launched their new single-serve “Brew Bag” product at the NYC Coffee & Tea Festival on Saturday, March 18, 2017. The Brew Bag, which is available in the company’s original Balance flavor (premium medium coffee, matcha green tea, and raw cacao nibs), was created as part of the company’s response to single-serve pods, like Keurig’s K-cup. Brew Bags are available for sale through the company’s website,  

Javazen’s new Brew Bags differ from traditional single-serve options in several ways. Rather than using an unrecyclable #7-plastic pod, the Brew Bag, similar to a tea bag, uses a plant-starch fiber pouch which is fully compostable. The company says that by using a pouch, they are able to recreate the mechanics of theFrench press style of brewing, rather than using a short, forced drip rate. The resulting brew, they claim, is superior in flavor, quality, and function. This new format requires coffee drinkers to simply steep in hot water for 4 minutes eliminating the need for any kind of proprietary equipment.  

Aaron Wallach, Chief Product Officer: “In our race to do everything faster, brewing coffee in a traditional way is now considered an annoyance or only for passionate coffee lovers. As a result, instant coffee and various forms of K-cups have emerged to save time. But for Javazen, serving customers with an environmentally-devastating, inferior K-cup experience or using an industrial process to manufacture instant coffee was not an option. We took one of the classic brewing methods from tea, customized it for coffee, and applied it to Javazen.”

With the rise in popularity of K-cups, there is growing concern over the sheer volume of unrecyclable waste. In 2014 experts estimated that the number of K-cups in landfills could circle the globe more than 10 times. Further, with recent developments in understanding the toxicity of heated plastic, real health concerns exist regarding chemicals like bisphenol-A leaching into consumer’s coffee. A third, key drawback of traditional single-serve options is that they rely on machines that impossible to clean. The warm, moist environments created by the heating and dispensing of water have been shown to promote the growth of mold.

“The Javazen Brew Bag is a direct response to the environmental tragedy, inferior taste, and alarming health effects of current single-serve coffee options. I knew that we could offer the world a product that not only tastes better, but is also healthier, sustainable, and accessible,” said CEO Eric Golman. 

About Javazen

Javazen was founded in 2014 by three University of Maryland classmates: Eric Golman, Ryan Schueler, and Aaron Wallach. 100%-organic, Javazen blends ethically-sourced coffee with teas and superfoods to provide consumers with no-stress energy, clarity, and vitality. Currently sold online and stocked in over 200 retail outlets nationwide, Javazen can be found at grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Natural Grocers. Thier success thus far includes features in The Washington Post, ABC, and MarketWatch, winning 2015 DC Startup of the Year, winning the $75,000 grand prize at Under Armour’s 2016 Cupid’s Cup Entrepreneurship Competition, and being voted a “Top 10 Healthiest Beverages in Grocery Stores” by Clean Eating Magazine.

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