#ThanksJeff: Amazon Slashes Whole Foods Prices

#ThanksJeff: Amazon Slashes Whole Foods Prices

Today marks the first day of Amazon’s lower prices taking effect in Whole Food stores across the country. These changes are taking place as part of Amazon’s well-publicized acquisition of the high-end grocery retailer. The move is Amazon’s first foray into brick-and-mortar business. Observers expect that Amazon’s control of more 460 Whole Foods locations will bolster the expansion of Amazon Fresh and Prime Delivery services.

To see for ourselves, Javazen Ecommerce Director, EJ White, and Design Head, Michael Malcolm, took to the store in search of the newly slashed prices. Please post in the comments and reach out with any deals that you find we missed using the hashtag #ThanksJeff on social media. Here is what we found:

1. Salmon


Was 12.99/lb > Now 9.99/lb | Save 23%

2. Eggs (Dozen)


Was $4.69 > Now $4.19 | Save 11%

3. Avocados


Was $2.50 > Now $1.99 | Save 20%

4. T-Bone Steak


Was $14.99/lb > Now 13.99/lb | Save 7%

5. Organic Unsweetened Almondmilk


Was $5.99 > Now $5.49 | Save 8%

6. Fuji Apples


Was $2.99/lb > Now $1.99/lb | Save 33%

7. Whole Trade Bananas


Was $0.59/lb > Now $0.49/lb | Save 17%

8. Fresh Tilapia Fillets


Was $9.99/lb > Now $7.99/lb | Save 20%


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