Day 1 Recap

Day 1 Recap

What a day we've had!

Our day started at 7:00 a.m. with Ryan blasting music in the RV to wake us. We had slept in our new home in order to prepare for our departure. Within a half-hour, we were dressed and ready to go. Our first stop was the Startup Village, our co-living space for  entrepreneurs, to pick up the last of our supplies. At 8:00 we were on our way to pick up the intern, Matt, who was ready to go in his driveway. From there we hit the road with a breakfast of Amazing Grass shakes and cold-brewed Javazen | Balance.

ryan closes gate

The first destination was the headquarters of Michele's Granola to do a tour of the facilities and pick up some of the best granola out there to sustain us. We had a great time meeting the staff and sharing Javazen with them! I have to say, the sweet scent of oats, vanilla, cinnamon, and maple that permeated the air made me a little jealous that I didn't work there.

micheles granola

micheles sampling

Next, we visited our friends over at Mobtown Fermentation who manufacture and market Wild Kombucha (which is delicious!). Sergio and the team gave us a tour of their new offices and we chatted about our recent successes and challenges. There's a certain camaraderie that goes with working in the natural foods industry.  

mobtown team

mobtown rv

Our final partner visit for the day was B'more Organic in Hampden. Navigating the city roads and tight historic, curving side streets in our 35-foot RV was by far the most challenging and stress part of the day. Reaching our destination was well worth it, however. We were able to connect with Andy and Amanda of B'more and they graciously supplied us with all the Skyr Smoothies we could hope to want. 

We finally arrived at the main destination for the day: Wegmans Hunt Valley. The purpose of the tour is to reach our customers of Wegmans, educate everyone along the process, and have a great time doing both!

wegmans hunt valley

After setting up our station we handed out samples for hours and made countless friends.  This is one of the most inspiring things we do here at Javazen - connect with new customers every single day.  All it takes is a smile, a sample, and a story to truly connect with someone, and that's why we do what we do =)

After sending a bunch of new friends home with bags and a buzz we were off to go have some fun, relax, and prepare for the rest of the tour.

Whoever said the road life can't be fun? We definitely had a Zenful Day!

The Javazen Road Crew 

-Ryan. EJ, & Matt

P.S. This tour is also powered by Banza and Fruigees, you'll hear more about them in the days to come. We are being sponsored by the brands that we're linking to, however, we receive no financial compensation from the links included. We sought them out because we truly love their products and company missions. 



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