Day 15 Recap - Syracuse

We started the day having camped overnight in Syracuse and got started on demos at the Dewitt and John Glenn locations of Wegmans. I dropped Eric and Ryan off first before heading alone to my event. It was a smooth day with good traffic and strong sales.

At around 4:30 it was time to pack up, so I went and collected Eric and Ryan from their store, Dewitt, and we started our moves for our first days off. We started to drive east as we'd decided to go to Lake George to enjoy the scenery and do some hiking. 

On our way, we decided to do our first live-cast as we were signing some makeshift karaoke in the car. We've included this video below. We drove for several hours before calling in a night to camp in Adirondack State Park. 

We hope that you're enjoying hearing about our journey! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments below!

The Javazen Road Crew, 
EJ, Ryan, and Eric 

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