Day 17 Recap - Lake George

Day 17 Recap - Lake George

We left Lake George around noon on a course through Vermont, through New Hampshire to Northboro, Massachusetts.

The ride through the Live-Free-or-Die State was, in short, amazing. We saw expansive homesteads nestled between forested mountains as we wound our way across the state from west to east.

One of the most memorable parts was a stop we made on Bromley Mountain. We found this bright red building as we were descending the mountain and stopped for lunch when we saw that they had barbeque for sale. Considering the relatively nondescript facade, we were pleasantly surprised by the experience and service we received. 

bromley market

Once inside we realized that this was no ordinary convenience store. Bromley Market had a deli counter where we could order our lunch, but they also had a robust natural foods section devoid of almost all of the junk food one may ordinarily expect. Further, a well-stocked Vermont-based wine and beer section was available with some of the most delicious looking small-batch craft beverages I'd never heard of. I found their Facebook description "Breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer, wine, gas, coffee, groceries and more." to be more than appropriate.

I purchased a pulled-pork sandwich with slaw and a maple ice cream root beer float while Ryan got a pulled-pork sandwich and some fireworks. Given the nature of the store, the women who were managing the shop we very interested to hear our story. We shared with them the details of the tour and even conducted an impromptu product demo right there!

After about an hour we decided to get back on the road. About an hour later, we arrived in Keene, NH where my uncle resides. I was able to visit with him for a few hours before setting off once more. This visit was nice, as the last time I had seen him was when we were both residing in Dubai nearly a year previously. 


From Keene, we finished the driving for the day arriving in Northboro around 10 p.m. We closed up shop for the night and got some rest for our first Massachusetts demo the next morning. 

We hope that you're enjoying hearing about our journey! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments below!

The Javazen Road Crew, 
EJ, Ryan, and Eric 

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