Day 5 Recap

Day 5 Recap

Day five, and we're still happy as can be out on the road!

We woke up Friday morning at South Shore Wine Company and prepared to get on the road. We were scheduled for a demo event at Erie's Wegmans at 11 a.m., so we woke, prepped the RV for travel and went down to Lake Erie at 9 a.m. for a quick morning swim.


The journey to Wegmans took about 20 minutes. When we arrived, Matt and Ryan got to work unloading our kit, while I worked on writing the Day 4 Recap and my other digital marketing activities.

By 3:30 p.m. we had sold out the store's entire stock of Javazen, including a stubborn final bag of Relax. We had run out of our samples, but that didn't stop Ryan from finding a customer who was willing to take a chance on his word alone. He's a true salesman.

We left Wegmans around 4 p.m. and hit the road for Merritt Estate Winery where we would spend the night. This winery was about an hour north, over the border in New York. We arrived there around 5:45, just in time to buy some wine before they closed.

We spent the evening outside reflecting on the tour thus far and played some Nintendo 64. We made some Banza Mac and Cheese for dinner around 9 p.m. when we started hearing voices outside. 

We investigated, and, fortunately for us, it was the family that ran the winery! We got to meet the folks that lived at the as well as extended family that was visiting from Tupper, NY. They had even traveled to the winery in a school bus converted to a van suited for long-distance travel. 

We thanked the family for their generosity in letting us stay at the winery and retired for the evening ready to face the next day. 

We hope that you're enjoying hearing about our journey! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments below!

The Javazen Road Crew
EJ, Matt & Ryan


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Three yes 3 young nearly naked viral men!!! Make my old lady heart race!
Thks 4 taking me on the road w u 3

Enjoy! Love 2 travel 2


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