What is JavaZen?

Java = coffee

Zen = a meditative state of deep contemplation

Java + Zen = tea and superfood-infused coffee that provides healthy, sustained energy.

We spent years contemplating the transcendent joys of coffee and the unparalleled qualities of tea. In a moment of inspiration, we merged them into an enlightened blend for the ages: JavaZen was born.

After your first sip of JavaZen, you'll find no reason to go back to ordinary coffee or tea. JavaZen's unique synergy offers a rich, nuanced experience greater than the sum of its parts.


How much caffeine is in JavaZen?

JavaZen Boost ~130 mg

JavaZen Balance ~100 mg

JavaZen Relax ~5 mg

Due to slight natural variations in coffee and tea, the caffeine content above is accurate within a few milligrams.

Please note that decaffeinated coffee contains traces of caffeine. Thus, in the interest of precision, we call the Relax Blend lo-caf even though it's made with decaffeinated coffee.

Is JavaZen gluten- and sugar-free?

Yes. All JavaZen blends are gluten free. And while trace amounts of natural sugar are in some of our fruit-containing blends, the final brewed product is always sugar-, carb-, and calorie-free. .

Why are there only three blends?

We started with three so that we could focus on making the highest quality products, each one a work of art. We look forward to adding more combinations soon. If you have an inspired idea for a new blend, please let us know.

Where are JavaZen ingredients sourced from?

Around the world, with most coming from a select group of certified organic farmers in Central and South America. Places famous for yielding beans and leaves of the highest quality.

We take pride in paying our farmers more than fair trade standards demand. We don't stop at respecting the earth and our bodies; we also appreciate the people who work the land and make JavaZen possible. The price we pay is beyond fair, ensuring good karma for JavaZen, and all who enjoy it.



Where Is JavaZen Located?

College Park, Maryland

Is JavaZen hiring?

We're indeed on the lookout for new talent. Please send resumes to our CEO, Eric, at eric@drinkjavazen.com


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We enjoy relationships with select buyers across the globe. For info on international rates, please contact us at sales@drinkjavazen.com.

Is JavaZen available in stores?

Yes. Please see our #FindYourZen map here to view the select stores that carry JavaZen.

Can I purchase JavaZen wholesale and become a distributor?

It's entirely possible. Please visit our Wholesale Request Page here. to learn more about JavaZen wholesale and distribution.