Mothers in America are arguably the strongest creatures on Earth.

At no other time in recorded human history have children and adolescents had greater opportunities for catastrophic life failure.

And at no other time have their mother’s been expected to sacrifice so much of their time and energy just to provide basic nourishment and security for their family.

The pressure to “succeed” as a mother is tremendous while the challenge they face is unparalleled.  And the constant, subconscious fear of “screwing up” your child causes mothers a ton of anxiety.

The unique chronic stress of mothers is one of the reasons we are seeing an epidemic in chronic, stress-related illnesses amongst women ages 40-60 like auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, and digestive issues.

Women struggling with these diseases have driven to doctors in droves only to realize their problems won’t get better with a pill.

It’s no wonder why women are leading the movement of holistic wellness. They truly care about their bodies, understand the value of investing in their health, and they want to be able to take care of their loved ones so they can be fully present for the moments of life that matter.

Most mothers are extraordinarily aware of how the stressors of parenting in today’s world affect them on a physical and emotional level. Not to mention the endless hassle of finding convenient, health conscious food that tastes acceptable, keeps you going for hours without crashing your energy later, and won’t send you over to the dark-side of weight gain.

The problem is not awareness. Mother’s have that. The problem is you are constantly running errands for your kids and you almost never have the chance to put down your guard and nourish your own needs… not even for 5 minutes never mind the hours of leisure you actually deserve.

Nope. Instead you’re rushing around at the mercy of your family’s schedule and eating habits. And let’s face it. Most of the time your kids and husband are far less attached to healthy eating than you are.

As a result, a lot of mothers try to shortcut their nutrition by either restricting their snacks to the blandest of foods, or using low calorie, energy-rich foods like coffee that consistently deliver the focused energy they need to survive.

Starbucks discovered this need before anybody, and then they shot themselves in the foot by saturating their coffee with industrial dairy and sweeteners. Turning an otherwise healthy beverage into a recklessly engineered, mind-disturbing drug.

We do think Starbucks was onto something. Namely that coffee is a uniquely perfect food for conscious mothers because of its myriad health benefits.

The problem is that mothers are being bombarded with the worst kind of coffee. And it absolutely destroys their bodies over time. Whether that means more digestive issues, headaches, irritability, and ultimately… more stress.

It’s become clear that industrial-grade coffee plus chronic stress is a recipe for crashing your energy.

Sure. Maybe not the first time you break your unspoken “coffee-in-the-morning-only rule,” but go on with this pattern of rocket fuel energy drinks just to survive the day mentality for weeks, months and years, and the compounding interest of burning and crashing your energy really adds up. And much faster than you think.

Most savvy mothers know that routinely drinking $4 coffees in disposable cups is not a great use of their time or money. Most of them get that they pay the price later and are only delaying the damage. And a few of the really bright ones get that industrially brewed coffee doesn’t actually taste that great.

The problem until recently has been the absence of a suitable alternative on the market. This is why Javazen was specifically designed to be the first-ever coffee without the crash.

In fact, we are so confident that we have upgraded every aspect of your coffee experience that we provide a 100% guarantee.

Javazen provides you all of the health and energy benefits of traditional coffee with a 0% side effect rate of crashing your energy later.

We believe that mothers are the most important beings on Earth and we are exceptionally pleased to deliver you a beverage that helps you be at your absolute best when it counts the most.

When you drink your first Javazen if you aren’t 100% satisfied with our Coffee Without the Crash guarantee, we will not only refund your entire order, we will send you a bag of coffee of your choice from any of our competitors as our way of reimbursing you for your time.

Now as soon as you’re done treating yourself to your first order of Javazen, make sure you take 2 full minutes (you can use your phone timer) to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and thank yourself for doing such a great job.

Zenfully yours, 
Eric, Ryan, Aaron, EJ, and Caldwell

The Javazen Team